Lean Home focuses on the organization and styling of your home so that it functions for you and the healthy, balanced life you want to acheive. My emphasis is first on eliminating the excess (all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years that you don’t use) and then reorganizing what remains so that it is accessible and visually appealing. In styling your space I aim to display, reuse, and repurpose those sentimental and functional pieces that you already have. New pieces are recommended and purchased as needed, with an emphasis on minimizing environmental waste, clutter, and cost. From closets to full homes, and from consulting to full organization, styling, and shopping services, there are a variety of Lean Home options to fit any budget.

Home Organizing & Styling (free assesment included)                 $40/hr  
Home Assessment and Organization Plan                                        $100                                                
Shopping Fee                                                                                               $75

*Please email for cost details on Living Lean packages. Free assessment and quote for all Living Lean packages.

Kitchen Makeover                              
Declutter, defat, and reorganize. Let me help you clear out your kitchen and start you on the path to living leaner and more mindfully. This one day makeover will cover the essentials to living lean- using the decluttering and reorganization of your kitchen as the starting point. In addition to freeing up kitchen cabinet, pantry and surface space by sorting and ridding yourself of all those "one-time-use" gadgets you've collected over the years, you will learn the fundamentals on leading a simpler, more balanced life; including life reprioritization and goal setting activities, nutrition basics, and learning to establish routines that support new and improved consumption, organization, and exercise habits. *

Home Base
Take your first step toward financial organization and increase your productivity by decluttering and reorganizing the business center of your home- your home office. If you don't already have a space designated for handling incoming mail, bills, and scheduling, I'll help you to find the space in your home and set one up. We will deal with all those papers you’ve been holding onto for years, but aren’t quite sure if you’ll ever really need, and make sure that every paper and office supply has a clearly defined home, so the next time you need the stapler, you’ll be able to find it! *

Living Lean Fresh Start
Kitchen Makeover & 5 personal training sessions (see Lean Body.)*

16 Weeks to a Leaner Life                    
Includes Kitchen Makeover,  organization and styling for 2 additional rooms, and 32 personal training sessions (2 per week- see Lean Body.) *

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